Isn’t it amazing that – at the exact moment in the exact location you were born – the stars and planets were in the sky in specific placements and connections unlike any other exact moment and exact location!?

Not only was the Sun visiting a specific sign when you were born, also known as your Sun Sign, but all of the other planets were also in specific signs. You have a Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus sign. Planetary sign placements, however, are but one of the key elements to explore when reading your birth chart.

Holistic Horoscopes offers in-depth readings, consultations, information, and courses for anyone who is interested in Astrology.

What Makes Holistic Horoscopes – Holistic?

The professional background I use to read charts includes psychology and spirituality, as well as scientific, LGBT/LGBTQAP+ inclusive, and non-deterministic perspectives.

Holistic Perspective


From childhood associations to lifelong Ego, behavior, and healing patterns, Astrology is intimately connected to Psychological concepts and processes. All Holistic Horoscope readings are rooted in Psychology and designed to guide through the patterns and energies of both disciplines.

Jungian/Analytical Psychology: Signs, planets, and placements are viewed as essential archetypes for exploration, understanding, and the intricate patterns of projection and self-growth.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Self-talk, self-esteem, thought patterns, interpersonal communication patterns, and self-defense mechanisms are just some exceptionally valuable CBT tools. CBT has been shown to help everything from addiction to relationship problems and social anxiety. Key areas of Astrology charts help reveal the ways in which people would benefit most from CBT processes.


Spiritual and religious archetypes, values, and expressions are active in all aspects of life and Astrology charts. We are blessed with the Astrological tools provided to us by our Creator. Holistic Horoscopes meets you where you’re at spiritually, no matter where that is.

Judaism/Christianity: The Mazzaroth (Hebrew word for Zodiac) and planetary references are written throughout scripture. While the Bible warns of reckless divination, it also recommends the stars and planets to be used as signs, and scripture demands Sabbaths be practiced in accordance with the cycles of the Moon. The modern rejection of Astrology in Christianity and Christianity in Astrology is unfounded historically from both sides, as some of the most advanced Astrologers were Christian, and some of the most respected Christian teachers practiced Astrology.

Buddhism/Hinduism: Important concepts from Eastern traditions will be explored with chart readings, such as attachment, Karma, and reality orientation. Eastern archetypes, such as Shakti and Ardhonarishvara, are also recognized.

Paganism/Esotericism/Beyond: Dreams, astral projection, movements of will, spiritual gifts, manifestation, divine love, natural healing: so many spiritual Truths are in all religions and all spiritual paths, which is extremely important when reading Astrology charts and understanding connection and life purpose.


Holistic Horoscopes recognizes and includes LGBTQ+/LGBTQAP people and community as an important, relevant path of being and experience that can be nurtured and enhanced through Astrology. Male and female archetypes and projections are integral and vital to emotional and sexual well-being, and the process of balancing these parts of the psyche and spirit looks different for everyone. Native American and other cultures recognize more than two genders as a way of being, and in many spiritual and psychological paths, androgyny represents the ultimate state of complete and actualized Self.


The volumes of data produced by Astrologers over centuries is vast. Just like Biology doesn’t contradict Spiritual beliefs, Holism seeks to create bridges for true information on all sides. For example, evolution is a fact, but the awareness that change occurs over time doesn’t mean we have to believe humans came from apes. From Quantum Physics to Theoretical Mathematics, Astrology connects to science where the most advanced scientists recognize that a reflexive relationship exists between nature and nurture, objectivity and subjectivity, will and manifestation, and so on.


Astrology is NOT fortune-telling, and the word “horoscope” means “time observer” in Greek. Astrology reveals energy patterns and possibilities. The manifestation of an energy pattern can look extremely different in different people and under different circumstances. Astrological energies show potential outcomes, but they don’t create determined outcomes. Astrology is part of the omniscience of Creative Design, and so is Free Will, and spiritual discernment guides the Holistic Horoscope reading process.


Earth Signs

Earth signs are the grounded, stabilizing signs of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth (Hebrew word for Zodiac). They represent our bodies, our objects, and the materials and manifestations that make up our realities. Earth signs resist movement and change, and they function best while in one place. They represent our connection to the natural world, and …