Holistic Astrology Courses

Astrology was once reserved only for the elite, the rich and powerful, the rulers and royals. Still unaccepted in the U.S. as an academic discipline, the study of Astrology is a modern labor of love, where students read volumes on their own, find mentors to guide them on their own, and find charts to read on their own.

If you’d like to learn about Astrology and delve into reading charts, Holistic Horoscopes offers the following online courses:

Introduction to Astrology: Signs & Planets

Introduction to Astrology: Houses & Sign/Planet Correspondence

Intermediate Astrology: Understanding Houses & Planet Placements

Intermediate Astrology: Understanding Aspects, Heavens & Sign Ruler Placements

Advanced Astrology: Interpreting Birth Charts

Advanced Astrology: Interpreting Composite & Synastry Charts

Holistic Astrology Certification & Capstone Thesis: Reading & Discerning Astrology Charts (Three Specific Charts Read via Three Mediums)

Each course will last approximately six weeks, depending on the pace of the student, and each course costs $100.00. You will be required to commit time and energy into course study, and you will also be required to purchase at least one Astrology book (of your choice) from a recommended list of books. Courses will include reading, writing, watching videos, and interactive communication. Courses must also be taken in order, unless a proficiency exam is taken to waive a course.

Please eMail me HERE with any questions, or if you would like to enroll in a course. You may also enroll in a course now by clicking the secure PayPal button below:

I will also consider a type of work study option for those who have demonstrated ability in Astrology and who would like to write articles for the site as a way to pay for the Holistic Astrology Courses.